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Mar 2, 2021

Charmaine Mischel has always been passionate about design, but after a family health emergency caused her to take a career break, she decided it was time to use her passion and years of industry experience to create her own collection. Charmaine shares her inspiring story and explains how she’s opening doors for new designers. In our Coaches Corner, you’ll also hear from Cricket Crockett, a coach and bestselling author who will explain why women should “hustle smarter, not harder.”


  • 03:12 - Finding a passion for design at a young age
  • 12:49 - Navigating the fashion industry as a Black woman
  • 17:05 - Charmaine’s story of leaving her career to care for her son’s health problems
  • 22:50 - Finding new career inspiration
  • 29:39 - Opening doors for other designers
  • 36:32 - Coaches Corner: Uncovering the Lie of Busyness with Cricket Crockett
  • 47:43 - Cricket’s own journey of overcoming burnout
  • 51:38 - How to overcome busyness to be more productive