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Feb 16, 2021

Wynter Pattesron is on a mission to help others find self-love and healing. She’s also an entrepreneur, talk show host, author and cast member on the OWN Network show “Ready to Love.” She shares her powerful story of overcoming the shame that kept her from sharing her story, and she offers a behind-the-scenes look at her experience on “Ready to Love.” In our coaches corner, you’ll also hear from Onawa Miller, a trauma recovery and health coach who owns Abound Health and Wholeness Services.


  • 00:03:40 - Wynter’s passion for spreading self-love
  • 00:08:32 - Overcoming the shame of sharing your story
  • 00:18:28 - Ministering outside of the church
  • 00:27:15 - Wynter’s experience on “Ready to Love”
  • 00:46:23 - Coaches Corner: Healing from Trauma with Onawa Miller
  • 00:52:10 - Types of trauma
  • 00:55:25 - Listening to your body
  • 01:02:22 - Onawa’s own story of healing from trauma